Benefits 8/2/13

posted Aug 14, 2013, 4:08 PM by Yuba City Teachers Association

Hello Again YCTA,

Today I bring you information about our benefits.  Open enrollment will begin soon and conclude in September.  New rates and plans begin October 1.  

All of the plans offered last year will again be available this year at a lower cost.  There are not changes to dental, vision nor life insurance.  You will still need to complete the paperwork to continue your same coverage or select a new plan.  Attached to this email you will find YCTA's matrix (both word and pdf) intended to help you discern the different options as you make this important decision for your health and that of your family.  Here is the link to CVT info about the plans.  CVT shows all the possible plans; we have to select four plans (2A, 4C, 8A, and 10D) plus wellness, a high deductible plan, and the new bronze plan.

Our base plan will remain 10D with a cost of $39 below the CAP. 
 If you select 10D approximately this amount will be credited to you on your monthly pay checks.  The actual amount varies due to the payment for July that must be spread over the twelve months.  

The new Bronze plan is even lower in cost but please be aware this is very minimal coverage not recommended for anyone who does not have good health insurance from another source.

A big change for 8A is the new copay for a doctor's visit. 
 You will pay $30 instead of major medical (you pay it all until you satisfy the deductible).

Another new feature is the MDLive.
  You can sign up now to win prizes and have access to doctor's 24/7 who may treat some conditions from the internet connection with only a $5 copay.  Paula Manning, our benefits chair, is already signed up and ready to try it out for us.  Here is the link to the info from CVT.  Here is the link to signing up.

Paula Manning as always will do whatever she can to help you as you consider your options.  Thank you Paula for your commitment to our members.  I will of course be happy to help i anyway I can as well.

Our rates decreased 4.5%.  This is due in part to our apparent good health or reduced usage as a group.  Along those lines we suggest that a campaign empowering ourselves towards wellness would serve us all well.  Let's get out there and walk with friends and family.  Let's eat out healthy with friends.  Let's have some fun together as we engage in good health.  T
he YCTA Exec Board wishes us all a happy and healthy new year.  Let's do this together in the new year.

Best of health, Dina

13-14 benefits plans costs and summary