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Proud to be YCTA - You should listen to this.

posted Sep 26, 2013, 8:01 AM by Yuba City Teachers Association   [ updated Sep 26, 2013, 8:02 AM ]

You inspire me.  I am proud to be YCTA.

Have you listened to three fellow YCTA members who spoke last night at the Board meeting?  Click here for the link

They will make you proud to be YCTA.  I encourage you to listen to them. 

We have continued to show up in very large numbers for each of these short board presentations.  We have presented a powerful and consistent message.  We are YCTA.  We are united to ask the District to Value Us, Respect Us, and Negotiate with Us. 

Our Bargaining Team will be in negotiations tomorrow.  We will all be wearing our BLUE shirts and buttons.  Will you?  Send us pictures from your site.  Our Crisis Team sent some suggestions for activities tomorrow.

Remember to set aside Monday afternoon to come to YCHS to meet with our Bargaining Team and Organizing Team.  We will have the next steps.

See you soon, Dina

Tonight(9/24) at 5:20 PM

posted Sep 24, 2013, 11:24 AM by Yuba City Teachers Association

Hello YCTA

Once again,
YCTA members are standing before the Board tonight to tell their personal stories.  They will share their stories as representatives of 700 YCTA members.  Perhaps once again you can stand with them as they speak on behalf of all of us asking that the District Value Us, Respect Us and Negotiate with Us.

Our Bargaining Team will meet with the District this Thursday.  Please save the date -
MONDAY afternoon for a General Membership meeting.  We may bring the outcome of bargaining in person that afternoon.  We appreciate your flexibility as we work towards a negotiated agreement that makes progress towards comparable salaries and other issues. We will send an email out Thursday night to give you a status update.  The continued support of YCTA members is showing our District and Board that we are UNITED and committed to comparable salaries that value and respect us.

If you have not seen the latest on, you should check out the powerpoint with accompanying music. 
Thank you to the continuing efforts of our amazing YCTA Crisis Team.  The team continues to bring us a BLUE flier every BLUE Thursday.  The team met yesterday with CTA Organizer Bobby Yates to continue planning and acting.

We are YCTA.  United to ask the District to Value Us, Respect Us and Negotiate with Us.

Thank you, Dina

YCTA The Missing Attachment

posted Sep 18, 2013, 7:29 AM by Yuba City Teachers Association

Hello YCTA

Three items this evening.

1)  I have attached the Settlement Agreement and Joint Communication that were referred to in an earlier email.  We have the right to representation and participation in union activities and the District again and shall not interfere nor retaliate.  Sorry I forgot to attach it earlier.  

2)  Our Bargaining Team is meeting with the District tomorrow morning (Wed.).

3)  YCTA Membership will gather the following day (Thurs.) at YCHS MP Room  at 3:45PM.

See you soon.
Stay in touch, Dina

YCTA What are you signing?

posted Sep 17, 2013, 10:44 AM by Yuba City Teachers Association



What are you being asked to sign called “Employee Rights”


The last two pages of the three page packet are settlement documents between YCTA and YCUSD that the District opted to distribute by asking for signatures from each employee.  In our previous settlement in 2009, the District sent an email to all of YCUSD. 


Short story.  You have the right to representation and the District shall not deny that right.  In addition, you have the right to participate in union activities.


Details to the story.  Be educated about your rights so that we can all protect our rights.

YCTA approached the Superintendent to resolve a potential Unfair Practice Charge prior to litigation.  YCTA was concerned that the District had interfered with the rights of employees in particular with regards to their right to representation in meetings that may lead to disciplinary action. 


These rights are frequently known as “Weingarten Rights”.  If you ask prior to the meeting about the specific nature of the meeting, your administrator must tell you.  If you want a representative to be present with you, you must ask prior to or during the meeting.  The meeting should end with that request until you have a representative. Protect yourself by asking for a representative.  You do not have to go it alone.  We are in this together to advocate for each other and protect our rights. 


We reached a settlement without further legal action as the District acknowledged our rights, agreed to train administrators with regards to those rights and to communicate those rights to all.  An administrator may not discourage you from involving YCTA nor from participating in YCTA protected activities nor may they retaliate against you for doing so.


You will be asked to sign that you have received a copy of the settlement and joint communication.  I have attached both of them to this email.  I encourage you to save these documents for future reference.  We will be reprinting cards with your Weingarten Rights on them as well as my contact info.


In addition to our rights known as Weingarten Rights, the Educational Employment Relations Act (EERA)  establishes our right to join and participate in the activities of our union for the purpose of representation on all matters of employer-employee relations.  You administrator cannot discourage nor retaliate against you for participation in conduct protected by EERA. 


That protected conduct includes wearing YCTA buttons and YCTA shirts while on campus, posting YCTA signs in your car, assembling together before or after contract hours or during our duty-free lunch, carrying signs or even speaking at board meetings, distributing informational flyers to parents or members of the community, and other lawful union related activities.  The District may not retaliate against you for your participation.  To do so would violate the EERA and constitute an Unfair Practice Charge.  We will vigorously protect all YCTA members from retaliation.  Beyond legal action, our greatest protection is in our numbers.  WE ARE ALL YCTA.  Let’s keep acting that way.  You can check out some of our protected activities on the YCTA Facebook page.


See you Thursday at YCHS MP Room at 3:45 PM for a ALL CALL YCTA General Membership Meeting.  Be at this meeting to get the word and details of our next action.


See you soon, Dina


posted Sep 12, 2013, 7:41 AM by Yuba City Teachers Association

Good Morning on Another YCTA BLUE THURSDAY

Wow. Tuesday at the Board meeting was another amazing show of YCTA UNITY.  Three teachers spoke for all of us asking the District to negotiate a fair contract that values and respects us. I listened to the recording yesterday and was impressed and inspired by our speakers as well as reports of the charge in the air from all those there representing YCTA.  Please join me in thanking Nancy Albrecht of YCHS, Janet Aurre of AK, and Terry Evans of RV for delivering clear and convincing messages to our board.  If you were not there I encourage you to listen to the recording (click here).  You will be proud and inspired by our continued to commitment to one another and a fair contract. I was with you in spirit and appreciated the updates from the meeting.  My masters class meets on Tuesday night and I needed to be there.  Sorry there is no alternate class available.

What are you doing today for YCTA Thursday or Equal Pay Day tomorrow?  Please
share your stories either on our Facebook page or by emailing me. 

We have plans for all of us.  Let's ALL leave school together 15 minutes after the kids and then join together for a YCTA GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING.  We will gather together to hear the latest from our Bargaining Team.  They meet with the District on Wed.  We want to deliver this message in person.  It is best if we can talk face to face.

We are building relationships, unity and momentum. 

See you next Thursday, Dina

Yuba City teachers to march into YCUSD Board meeting

posted Aug 27, 2013, 6:52 AM by Yuba City Teachers Association

Attached is a press release from Yuba City Teachers Association.  We will gather at the YCUSD District Office tomorrow evening beginning at 5:15 PM  and address the School Board at 5:30 PM.  We are frustrated by the lack of progress in negotiations especially in regard to the significant discrepancy in teachers' salaries between Marysville and Yuba City and as compared to state averages. (A first year teacher in Marysville is paid 12% higher than in Yuba City while the top salary in Marysville is 16% higher.)  We know that comparable salaries attract and retain the highest quality educators.  We simply want to be valued and respected by our own district.

YCTA Rally

posted Aug 16, 2013, 7:40 AM by Yuba City Teachers Association

TUESDAY, August 27 - YCTA Rally at 5:00 P.M. before YCUSD Board Meeting.

Please come to show your support for our bargaining team the day before the second bargaining session of the year

Back to School BBQ

posted Aug 16, 2013, 7:39 AM by Yuba City Teachers Association

THURSDAY, August 22 - YCTA  , 3:30-7:00 P.M. at Sam Brannan Park.

The YCTA Bargaining Team will present results from the previous day's negotiations.

Be sure to wear your blue YCTA shirts that day, if you have one.

YCTA: Will you be wearing blue tomorrow?

posted Aug 14, 2013, 4:09 PM by Yuba City Teachers Association   [ updated Aug 14, 2013, 4:10 PM ]

Hello YCTA,

I will be wearing YCTA blue tomorrow.  I am excited to begin anew with my students.  I am getting ready today as most of you are and will sleep tonight with anxious anticipation.  I will choose my clothes carefully tomorrow morning as always on that first day.  So, I debated about my attire as I want to show our unity towards progress in negotiations, but I also like to wear a special outfit on day one that shows, "I am ready for a new year; are you?"  I have decided that I can do both by wearing my YCTA blue tomorrow.  I am excited to begin anew with my students and hope that perhaps our unity will move the District towards progress when we return to the table next Wednesday August 21.

Let's have a great day tomorrow as we get to impact the lives of young people and make the world a better place.  Ours is truly a noble profession.  Enjoy your work and celebrate the new beginning.

See you soon, Dina

Benefits 8/2/13

posted Aug 14, 2013, 4:08 PM by Yuba City Teachers Association

Hello Again YCTA,

Today I bring you information about our benefits.  Open enrollment will begin soon and conclude in September.  New rates and plans begin October 1.  

All of the plans offered last year will again be available this year at a lower cost.  There are not changes to dental, vision nor life insurance.  You will still need to complete the paperwork to continue your same coverage or select a new plan.  Attached to this email you will find YCTA's matrix (both word and pdf) intended to help you discern the different options as you make this important decision for your health and that of your family.  Here is the link to CVT info about the plans.  CVT shows all the possible plans; we have to select four plans (2A, 4C, 8A, and 10D) plus wellness, a high deductible plan, and the new bronze plan.

Our base plan will remain 10D with a cost of $39 below the CAP. 
 If you select 10D approximately this amount will be credited to you on your monthly pay checks.  The actual amount varies due to the payment for July that must be spread over the twelve months.  

The new Bronze plan is even lower in cost but please be aware this is very minimal coverage not recommended for anyone who does not have good health insurance from another source.

A big change for 8A is the new copay for a doctor's visit. 
 You will pay $30 instead of major medical (you pay it all until you satisfy the deductible).

Another new feature is the MDLive.
  You can sign up now to win prizes and have access to doctor's 24/7 who may treat some conditions from the internet connection with only a $5 copay.  Paula Manning, our benefits chair, is already signed up and ready to try it out for us.  Here is the link to the info from CVT.  Here is the link to signing up.

Paula Manning as always will do whatever she can to help you as you consider your options.  Thank you Paula for your commitment to our members.  I will of course be happy to help i anyway I can as well.

Our rates decreased 4.5%.  This is due in part to our apparent good health or reduced usage as a group.  Along those lines we suggest that a campaign empowering ourselves towards wellness would serve us all well.  Let's get out there and walk with friends and family.  Let's eat out healthy with friends.  Let's have some fun together as we engage in good health.  T
he YCTA Exec Board wishes us all a happy and healthy new year.  Let's do this together in the new year.

Best of health, Dina

13-14 benefits plans costs and summary

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