Yuba City CTA Awards - Recognize a colleague

posted Feb 17, 2012, 12:04 PM by Yuba City Teachers Association   [ updated Apr 22, 2013, 6:30 PM ]

Dear YCTA colleagues:


As you will see in the Jan-Feb. issue of the YCTA "Unifier" newsletter (delivered to sites next week), YOU have the chance to recognize exemplary YCTA and community members again this year. Please consider those individuals you might nominate in the following categories:


1. Outstanding NEW TEACHER  –  an outstanding new educator with three (3) years or less experience 2. Outstanding TEACHER –  an Association member who is a leader in teaching and curriculum 3. ADVOCATE for the Association  –  a member who has made an outstanding contribution to the Association 4. Outstanding EDUCATOR (Gold Award)  –  An Association member who has made outstanding contributions as an educator and has made a significant contribution to teacher advocacy 5. Outstanding FRIEND OF EDUCATION (Gold Award)  –  a Community member or organization who has contributed to the support of public education, as well as the betterment of the Community 6. Outstanding PUBLIC OFFICIAL (Gold Award)  – an individual in government service who has shown leadership on behalf of education and students, and who has demonstrated support of public leadership.


The nomination deadline is Friday, March 9. You can reply by email to YCTA President Dina Luetgens, drop off letter(s) of nomination at the YCTA office, or send letters with your Site Rep to our next Rep Council meeting (Monday, Feb. 27).


Please include details of each individual’s school site or position, experience, and contributions, as well as any other relevant information you would like the committee to consider in its deliberations. Thank you for recognizing excellence in our community.




Carl Knorr

AK School

YCTA Membership/"Unifier" Co-editor