YCTA SPED Task Force - a second date.

posted Dec 8, 2011, 5:20 PM by Yuba City Teachers Association   [ updated Apr 22, 2013, 6:29 PM ]
Hello Again,

I would like to assure each of you that it is always my preference to resolve issues in a collaborative mode that values and respects the positions of all parties involved, however when no resolution is forthcoming in a collaborative mode legal action may become the only option for resolution.  

Whenever legal actions become necessary, please be aware that I hold no personal ill will towards any of the parties involved.  I share these viewpoints with you as I did with Elizabeth, Doreen, and the YCUSD Cabinet in a meeting with the YCTA Executive Board.  This sentiment was also expressed in the original email. 

Elizabeth and Doreen questioned our work together towards a collaborative solution in light of the mention of legal actions that might be necessary.  I assured them and you that I would much prefer that we find solutions by working together.  Sometimes however our only remedy to secure the relief for our members is legal action and our members have the right to that representation.  

It was reported to YCTA that some folks had called Elizabeth and/or Doreen to say, "I don't want to sue you".   Please be assured neither do I.  We do not "sue" individuals but rather take legal action when necessary to strongly encourage the District to make progress to resolve issues for our members.  These legal actions are not personal and I want to assure you that I appreciate and respect both Doreen's and Elizabeth's efforts to address YCTA's concerns regarding the workloads for special education.  

We simply need to make more progress.  You need relief.  We cannot allow the District to continue to view money as a finite resource but teacher time as unlimited.  Your time is not unlimited.

In that same meeting mentioned earlier in this email, I agreed to move the date of the SPED Task Force to resolve the conflict with the trainings already scheduled for SPED teachers on the Smart Response System (Jan 11 and Jan 12).  I propose we add a second meeting (Jan 31) on a YCTA Monday - this should resolve any conflicts.  Please consider attending either meeting (1/12 or 1/31) at the YCTA Office on Stafford Way (behind El Zarape) beginning at 4PM.  

Given the complexity of issues for SPED, I suggest that we use both dates.  Those with a conflict on the first date (Jan. 12) can attend the second meeting on Jan. 31.  I will send the notes of the first meeting to each of you and then we can use the second meeting to continue to gather and share information.  I want to listen to all the concerns and two meetings will allow everyone share.  We will then build a plan to continue to organize towards solutions that address the needs and interests of SPED.

I appreciate how hard you are all working and the time so many of you took to respond to my last email.  Please feel free to email me with your concerns, questions, or suggestions at any time.  I truly want to listen and support your work in any way I can.  

Thank you, Dina