YCTA: ABI Gradebook grades 6-12

posted Nov 15, 2011, 3:14 PM by Yuba City Teachers Association   [ updated Apr 22, 2013, 6:30 PM ]

Hello Teachers in Grades 6-12 (some of you are K-5 at a K-8 school - sorry you can disregard this one),


You may remember receiving a letter from YCUSD School Board President Scriven regarding the use of ABI gradebook. I would like to provide you with some updates regarding the issue of ABI gradebook.


YCTA has placed a demand to bargain, but we have also been in communication with Doreen in an attempt to address the goals of the Board and the needs of teachers.  Ultimately we share the same goals of improving our partnership with parents as we educate our students and their children.  We would like to find solutions that meet the needs of all parties.  Thus we want to hear from you.  Please feel free to email me and I will keep document all the feedback regarding ABI gradebook.  We will address these issues in multiple venues.   We have already addressed the issue at Meet and Consult, Board meetings, and YCTA Rep Council.  The 6-8 meet and consult meeting is this Thursday.


For those of you currently using ABI gradebook, please be prepared to share with YCTA the challenges and successes in the use of ABI for grades.  It is our hope that once we identify shortcomings in the ABI gradebook, we may work together with the district to solve these.  Please keep track of your frustrations, such as weighting individual assignments more than others, or the seating charts function, or issues with data entry or......  Please help us document the concerns so that we may work towards solutions.


For those of you NOT currently using ABI gradebook, please be prepared to share your concerns and hesitations.  We need to hear from you as well.  What are the issues you would like us to address?


Please feel free to email me (or contact your site rep) and I will document all the feedback with regards to ABI gradebook.  And we build a plan to address the issues.


Please be assured YCTA respects and fully supports your right to make decisions regarding grading for your students.  We are simply looking for the means to address the issues and find mutually agreeable solutions.


Some Background-


In order to improve communication with the parents of our students, the YCUSD Board has encouraged teachers in grades 6-12 to use ABI gradebook to make grades accessible in one place.  YCTA members recognize the power of involving parents in the education of our students.  We build these partnerships in multiple ways.   We invite parents into our rooms; we build web pages to bring our classrooms to them; we phone them at home; we email them.  Some of us have provided parents with on-line access to grades through our own websites or paid for a subscription to another provider. 


ABI gradebook offers another tool to keep parents informed of their child’s progress.  This option has advantages and disadvantages.  As the district continues to implement ABI gradebook, YCTA has raised concerns about the program and its possible mandated implementation.  We recognize the power of parent communication and appreciate options to support that.  Effective implementation should include clear and candid communication that allows us to address the concerns and challenges as well as anticipate potential pitfalls. 

YCTA intends to work in cooperation with the district to support and encourage our members to implement ABI gradebook during this voluntary phase.


If the use of ABI gradebook should be mandated YCTA will bargain the decision and its impact as is our right under EERA,


In multiple meetings with Doreen, Doreen has assured me that we can work together to address the challenges to facilitate an effective use of ABI gradebook.  She shares my commitment to addressing and solving problems.  Please share your concerns, challenges and any shortcomings of the ABI gradebook, so that we can address and solve them.  Please also share the advantages and successes.  We will be sure to communicate both with the district and each other. 


District provided YCTA data on ABI usage for the week of 9/26/11.  This is merely a one-week snap shot.  We will ask for the data again and run similar calculations.


YCTA’s Summary of Data











Percent using











Dina Luetgens

YCTA President