Welcome Back!!!

posted Aug 8, 2011, 12:20 PM by Yuba City Teachers Association   [ updated Apr 22, 2013, 6:24 PM ]
Welcome Back.  So here we are back again for another year.  WOW.
I hope you have enjoyed a wonderful summer. Mine was filled with family, travel, work and good times.  So much to do, the summer seems to fly by but here we are again for another year.  We have the good fortune to work at jobs that we may find both enjoying and fulfilling as we make a difference in the lives of young people.  
The YCTA Bargaining Team met with the District on four different days this summer.   We reached an agreement on the pre-service days.  Tom Walters sent you the details the day after we reached that agreement - last Thursday.  There are three preservice days.  This restores our work year and salary back to the level of 09/10 with 183 days (180 student attendance days and three preservice days).  We negotiated one of the preservice days as a flex day for returning YCTA Bargaining Unit Members.  One of the three days may be worked at your discretion either next Monday (8/8), Tuesday (8/9), or Friday (8/12) in increments of your choosing to add up to a total of seven hours.  We believed this flexible work day allowed unit members to make choices about how best to prepare for the arrival of students on Monday, August 15.  The other two days are Wednesday (8/10) and Thursday (8/11).  We agreed to seven hours of administration discretion time and seven hours of unit member discretion time to prepare.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me. Please join me in thanking the bargaining team who gave up four precious days of their summer as well as the Exec Bd - who also met multiple times this summer. 
We were unable to reach agreement on providing additional professional development time within the contracted work year and work day - Buy Back Days or some alternative.  We remain committed to the importance of quality time for professional development within the work year.  The Bargaining Team will provide the YCTA Rep Council with more details of negotiations at the first Rep Council meeting on MONDAY August 29.  Each site should be represented by their elected site reps.  Please join us for this interactive exchange and opportunity to be actively involved in your association.
I have attached the 09/10 salary schedule - now the 11/12 salary schedule.  Some were confused - the YCTA Bargaining Unit never froze step and column.  Instead we opted for a one-year flat reduction to the entire schedule to protect our less experienced teachers from the impact of losing step and column increases. 
Watch for the benefits open enrollment paper work coming soon.  There has been only a minimal increase. 
There is more to share, but for now I know our focus is on preparation for Monday, August 15 as our students join us for another year.  Let the adventure begin.
I look forward to another year as YCTA continues to represent our bargaining unit.
Thank you for the support,