Rep Council - Let us stand together

posted Mar 18, 2012, 9:33 PM by Yuba City Teachers Association   [ updated Apr 22, 2013, 6:18 PM ]
Rep Council Monday.  If you have any membership forms please bring those forms to the Rep Council meeting. Those forms must be processed by Carl Knorr, YCTA Membership Chair, tomorrow to allow our newest members access to legal representation provided by CTA.  If you need another copy of the CTA Membership form, you may find a PDF version under helpful resources on

On March 13, 110 of our YCUSD Colleagues received pink slips.  That represents more than 15% of our bargaining unit.  On this same day, the YCUSD Board received the 2nd interim budget report showing almost $5 million in the completely undesignated ending fund balance for the general fund.  The total general fund ending balance exceeds $16 million including designations for more than $5 million as a contingency for the cuts that may occur if the Governor's ballot initiative for a tax increase does not pass.  Short version - they have almost $5 million leftover even if the worse case scenario comes to pass.

Many of those that received notices, were able to attend a meeting yesterday with CTA attorney Beth Curtis.  Please join me in supporting our colleagues in these tough times.  A special thank you to a YCTA Site Rep who accompanied the teachers from his site and the former YCTA Site Rep and current BTSA Support provider who accompanied his Participating Teachers to the meeting.  Please come to the Rep Council meeting to learn more about how to support our newest members who received their notices as well as more....

Please be sure your site is represented at Rep Council as we listen to each other, share information and plan for action.  These are tough times and we need to stand together.  The importance of one-on-one face time is crucial and this begins in our Rep Council gathering.