Budget Newsletter

posted May 12, 2012, 8:30 AM by Yuba City Teachers Association   [ updated Apr 22, 2013, 7:00 PM ]

YCTA presented a comparison of the District’s multi-year projections to the actual ending fund balances using the District's numbers.

We can provide additional details about the complexities of budgets, however let us simply address the District’s acknowledgment that their numbers are “5.46%” wrong.  YCTA has not yet confirmed the magnitude of this error.

If we accept the District’s assertion of 5% wrong and use $100 million as the approximate district budget, then a 5% error would represent $5 million.

Here is 5% in perspective.

5 million dollars is the equivalent of any one of the following:

·         77 additional teachers for our students

·         9%  increase in salaries for every employee in YCUSD

·         Daily prep periods for all k-8 teachers and case management time for all special education teachers and speech and language pathologists as well as a significant reduction in their caseloads

Less than 20% of that 5 million ($1 million) is the equivalent of any one of the following:

·         Restoration of all the counseling positions cut since 07/08 (14 positions)

·         Raising the top of our salary schedule by $10,000 to make our top salary closer to that of Marysville


Less than 10% of that 5 million ($500,000) is the equivalent of any one of the following:

·         Restoration  of professional development days “buy back days”

·         Prep periods for all teachers in grades 6-8


The budget can be made to be abstract and complex, but people are more concrete and their impact on students are priceless.


Eric Jenkins