Beginning of week two

posted Aug 23, 2011, 8:22 PM by Yuba City Teachers Association   [ updated Apr 22, 2013, 5:40 PM ]
Hello YCTA,

Here we are at the beginning of week two (except AP).  I hope your new year has begun with all the enthusiasm and joy that are possible.  I know a certain deal of exhaustion goes along with that - but I also know we can make a tremendous difference.  So, I hope you are relaxing as well and enjoyed that first weekend.

Updates from YCTA - The complete listing.  See details below.  Come on, you can make it to the end, at least scan the areas most applicable to YOU.
  • YCTA Member and Family BBQ at Sam Brannen Park Sept. 1 We will be serving burgers (including veggie) and dogs from 4-6PM
  • Rep Council - next Monday August 29, 2011
  • New Members and Membership Rosters
  • Open Enrollment for Medical Benefits - Must complete paperwork in September
  • Open Enrollment for Plan 125 - Important tax implications.  Urgent more than 300 people need to meet with the reps.
  • 403b and Savings for Retirement - This applies to all who plan to ever retire...
  • New Longevity Step this year for those at step 33.
  • New and Improved
  • YCTA on Facebook
  • BTSA/PAR Panel and Contract Changes - An attached TA.
  • Preps for 6-8
The Details from the above listing.  
  • Rep Council - next Monday August 29, 2011. Begin gathering at 3:30 PM.  Meeting from 3:45 - 5:15 PM.  Is your site represented?  Please email me with your elected Site Reps as soon as you have elected them.  (No election necessary if the number of candidates is less than allocated number of reps for your site).  Rep Council is an interactive communication and decision making body that is vital to our ability to represent our unit and all our members.   Please help us to be be proactive and responsive.
  • New Members and Membership Rosters.  Each site rep will be provided an updated roster of members at the site as well as new employees.  Please welcome these new YCTA Bargaining Unit Members.  Please provide them with a membership application.  Dues (representation fee) are automatically deducted but membership and all the benefits requires the the completion of the application.  This includes disability insurance.  Site reps will get more info.
  • Open Enrollment for Medical Benefits - EVERYONE first half of September - The cost of the medical plans will increase minimally effective October 1.  The available plans remain the same, but you will need to complete a form if you are not changing.  If you have any changes, you will need to complete a longer form.  You can access info about the plans and link to CVT from  Site Reps will get more info on Monday.
  • Open Enrollment for Plan 125 -  Plan 125 options allow you to set aside medical costs INCLUDING PREMIUMS ABOVE THE CAP) as pre-tax deductions.  In other words, you do not pay taxes on these amounts as the amounts do not show up as taxable income.  If you have any plan above the CAP (7C, 3C, 1A or wellness), YOU MUST MEET with an American Fidelity Rep.  Subs will be provided as needed.  DO NOT MISS THIS OR IT WILL COST YOU.  Info and site schedule to be provided to site reps.  You may also use the plan 125 to set aside medical costs not reimbursed by your medical plan.  Site reps will get more info - including the complete schedule and listing of unit members who must sign up with the American Fidelity reps.
  • 403b and Savings for Retirement - STRS provides you with a defined benefit upon retirement (guaranteed income based upon your years of service, age and final compensation), however you may also want to add to that retirement savings using pretax dollars NOW.  A 403b is a way of saving for retirement that reduces your taxable income now and provides you with a nest egg upon retirement.  CTAinvest provides you with lots of useful info.  You may access this on the website under "helpful resources" then CTAInvest.
  • New Longevity Step this year for those at step 33.   For those of you nearing retirement, the year before last, we got the district to agree to adding an extra longevity boost.  So you you should notice a small increase.  With our salary now topping out at $75,856, we are a bit closer to Marysville's top ($86,745).  We need to keep working to close this gap.
  • New and Improved  Lee Gundy, our tech person, worked this summer with Josh and the Exec Bd to modify our website.  I encourage you go to  You will find many useful links including education links.  You can submit additional links that will be added.  You can make this your homepage and have access the abi and district email.  Check it out.
  • YCTA on Facebook.  Have you "liked" us yet on Facebook.  We will try to use Facebook as another means of staying touch with our membership.  
  • BTSA/PAR Panel and Contract Changes.  We did reach a few agreements in bargaining four days this summer beyond the multiple days in the spring. I have attached the pdf of those agreements.  These will be ratified as soon as we reached additional agreements.  The changes to BTSA/PAR will be implemented this year.  The stipend has been changed as well as the term limits.  
  • Preps for 6-8.  Last on this long list, but certainly not to be forgotten.  We need preparation time within the day and work year for all teachers.  Our first priority is to address the inequity at grades 6-8.  We have been unable to find any district beyond on our own without preps for grades 6-8.  Within our own district the disparity is particularly noticeable due to the uniformity of our instructional days.  The 7-8 instructional day is 340 minutes; grade 6 is 325 minutes and grades 1-5 are 315 minutes or longer.  At one school a teacher will teach all 340 minutes in grades 7 or 8, while at another the teacher will teach less than 300 minutes.  The answer does not lie in asking people to work longer hours, but rather providing the same quality time for all teachers.  Preparation time at grade 6-8 is standard practice in other districts.  It must be in our own as well.  In many other districts K-5 prep time is also standard.  We need to get to that point in YCUSD.   We will be planning and organizing this fall to make a big push for preparation periods for grades 6-8 - eventually to be followed in grades K-5.  Please consider joining this 6-8 Prep Organizing Team.  We need at least each site with grades 6-8 represented.  Our first meeting will be AUGUST 31 AT 3:30 pm  at the YCTA Office.

Thank you for reading or scanning to the end.  I urge you to play an active role in YCTA this year.   Notice the number of references above to site reps getting more info.  Be sure your site is represented next Monday.  Please feel free to call or email if there is anything I can do to support you, better represent you, or simply listen to better understand our needs and interests.

Thank you, Dina